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Wednesday 22 April 2015

Eco-Craft website makes merry with responsive Magento design

We are delighted to have recently launched a new website for Eco-Craft, an environmentally friendly supplier of recycled paper products…

We are even more delighted that the new responsive Magento website is outperforming expectations on all fronts and our client is over the moon about it!

Prior to launching the new Eco-Craft website, the family owned business was already enjoying a steady flow of visitors and orders online. It was organically ranking well for key search terms with Google and seeing lots of repeat orders through the old site. There were however some issues they knew they needed to address to properly make the most of the online opportunity:

  • Mobile bounce rates were high and mobile conversions low, as the old Eco-Craft website site (being built some 8 years ago) wasn’t responsive or mobile friendly.
  • Operationally, online order fulfilment was time consuming and resource sapping. Billing, picking, labelling, postage, invoicing and stock replenishment all required a lot of manual intervention.
  • Repeat ordering for customers was far from a simple one-click process.

They hoped that by bringing the Eco-Craft website onto a mobile friendly platform and a more rounded and intuitive e-commerce system, both their customers and internal team would find their online efforts more rewarding.

So, having walked Drumbeat through their concerns and the end-to-end lifecycle of an online order, a new website was researched, scoped, designed, built and released one week ago. The agreed solution was a responsive Magento website. And we’re delighted to report, so far, so good. After one week, the new site analytics show:

  • 11% reduction in bounce rate.
  • 8 x increase in mobile conversions.
  • No drop off in visitor numbers.
  • Reduced average order fulfilment processing and handling times.

Liam McCarthy, Online Projects Manager at Eco-Craft said: “It’s been a big undertaking for us, we’re a busy business with thousands of products, but it was something we knew we had to do and we’re delighted with the results so far”.

At Drumbeat, we design and develop websites on several platforms including, Wordpress, Magento and Drupal and always advise customers to utilise responsive or mobile friendly designs. Given Google’s recent update, which downranks sites which aren’t set up for mobile browsing within mobile search results, it really is a critical consideration. Particularly in the world of Ecommerce.

Want to know more about how mobile and responsive design can improve your website and enhance your business?

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